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as a boy growing up in a working class family, i was always thinking, a day with my own five-star hotel located in the centre of one of the world’s best städte.ich thought that for years, but eventually i left the school with little education, chair, ambition, and employment in general beschäftigen.später realized that i was the only restriction all my life, i have been with me selbst.einige years later, i picked up my best friend from high school (also ignorant, and he told me he had a small chain of trendy cafe s.begeistert of his success, i asked him what professional qualifications or articulate talents, he had his success.

he went on to say that the first thing you need to provide a good money management.geld speaks, he says, they need a fair way to start a eigene.also cafe, you have to do what you can to show the banks can save, invest their money wisely to save verwalten.doch alone is not enough to their credit and credibility in the banken.sie need expenditure, but not only the expenditure, but bonds and figures without verzug.investitionen in real estate, is a must, such as fixed assets when applying for a business loan.

it all sounds so simple, ask me why so many people in such a financial predicament in the first place, like me! he said that many people in heavy debt by borrowing more than they can afford to pay, realistic, but, worse still, to many people, their needs before their is the greedy approach to life, she gets into financial conflicts in the first place.

he told me that he had a simple idea shortly after leaving school, and that was the beginning of a coffee declared that he is the ideal very grounded and simplistic and turned the whole thing into a logical and methodical “with respect to other approaches exist for an uneducated moron like me?” he is fun.

i have often thought, with nothing to me and i would like to with my own coffee shop when i always thought you are the coolest most hip social places to meet, as well as the pubs and restaurants.ein cafe has a kind of informal relaxed atmosphere, not to mention the delicious aroma of freshly ground kaffee.mein ole school friend explained that there’s enough room in the city of cafes, but despite my ambitious thoughts, i could never understand my träume.vielleicht is a latent fear or anything, but i’ve never had the journey, a cafe or a business, no matter how much i wanted it.

after the conversation with my friend, i have taken baby steps, and instead of a load from zero to build independently, and i’m not ideas, you know, i’m very serious with a franchise to start a café.der reason is that i’m much support from companies with a franchise, and this can only to help reduce the burden of someone in the game.

at first, i was the idea of support, because i thought, intimidated by my lack of education and in the retail trade erfahrung.aber my friend said that i must show the franchise company, the fund that i can show that i has a good head on my shoulders and push on enthusiasm, ambition, and aufgeschlossen.wenn you like what you see, the right to vote, you will receive all of the training you need to successfully sein.nun, it was music to my ears, i can tell you.

it is still at the beginning and i need a good piece of the foundation to prepare for my case, but the idea to start a coffee shop in my hometown is with each tag.kürzlich i read an inspiring snippet of what separates the men from the boys when it comes to a new business erö reads thus:

of the 100 people who start with a plan, now 80 within 6 months.
of the 20 left 16 fall within the next 6 months.
the 4. left, only 1, it is six months later.
the 1.

and that’s exactly what i sein.1.ich hope next time, when i write a piece of it is how i came to the beginning of a cafe in my heimatstadt.vielleicht not old rags to riches story story, but i hope to it.

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