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between home and school can quickly grow to a company that is überwä so much that parents need to learn before you can start their children to erziehen.aber like any other large and complex task, it is much easier to deal with if you go in easy to, homeschooling is not as difficult as many people think it is, or as it seems.

the first thing you with homeschooling is that there is no “one size fits all” and that what is right for one person may not someone anderes.das said, there is no uniform basis for all the best ist.andere parents of different skills and different erfahrungen.aber almost every parent, this task will eventually come, the doubt whether it actually do this or if homeschooling is right for your child or even their familie.die doubts are normal, but it is only the mother and child can decide if it is right ist.familienangehörige, who do not understand or do not accept the very personal decision on the way as your child educated – just you and your child can do that.

if you choose only to tutor, know that home schooled children, on average, outscore their peers on standardized tests and play at the top of their class in the schule.innerhalb family, parents can be an environment, the child is safe, fun and leads to lernen.sie can tailor an educational program that is structured specifically for their needs and interests of the kindes.dies is an area in which the schools are often not.

the law

one of the first things you should do, when you make the decision to homeschool your child is to learn everything you can about the laws and regulations in your state. “the legal requirements and restrictions should be very early in prozess.die hslda (home school legal defense association) provide a wealth of information and unterstützung.sie guide you through the process to the laws in your staat.während homeschooling is legal in all 50 states, certain aspects are as different as the administrative burden and the participation of the local schulbezirke.einige states also require that homeschooled students are tested at certain points to follow the gradient.

selfhelp groups

modern homeschooling since more than 40 jahren.hunderte organizations formed, while the time for each state and almost every area in the united staaten.finden a list for your area by visiting http: \/ \/ \ \/ \ \/ states \ \/ are also many online groups and many are also groups, google groups and msn groups are very useful, in which homeschoolers can share curriculum, tips, support and supply of büchern.einige local online groups even trips, meetings, and play ten nights groups to support the learning process for children.

books and magazines

es gibt viele books and magazines zur verfügung stehen, helfen mit privatlehrer fragen.wie das internet wuchs und wuchs, gibt es noch mehr informationen zugänglich hausunterricht eltern und schülern.eltern können sich für hausunterricht newsletter und sie können sogar auf lehrer ressource websites und abonnieren sie newsletter und täglich tipps.

if you are interested in reading the philosophy of homeschooling and its origin, john holt, the books are fascinating. ” bring your own “by patrick farenga is also a very popular book about homeschooling.” classical homeschooling magazine is available at http: \/ \/ \ \/ährend mainly focuses on the classical homeschooling approach, homeschoolers all kinds of valuable information. ” home education magazine is a popular publication for homeschooling.

materials and resources

materials and resources sind integraler bestandteil der homeschoolers erfolg, aber nicht in der weise, daß sie vielleicht denken.viele eltern wählen die schule zu hause weg, zumindest am anfang.was das bedeutet, ist im grunde die bücher und materialien aus der klasse und in die heimat, wo das kind lernt sie und die eltern die lehrer.normalerweise brauchen nicht lange, um zu merken, wie viel mühe eltern mit dieser methode und sie oft den materialien minderwertige am besten.

there are alternative materials and curricula are available from many commercial quellen.die tutor associations and groups mentioned, also offers a wealth of’s materials and curricula, which can be downloaded free of charge on the internet, and these groups can, in the right richtung.ein popular forum provides good information http: \/ \/ \ \/ \ \/ forum \ \/ default.asp.eine other popular source hem (home education “).können your web site at http: \/ \/ \ \/ \ \/ wlcm _ netwrk.html.eine website is http: \/ \/ \ \/ \ \/ forum.

all these pages give parents tips, suggestions for curriculum design and materials, and much more.

their approach to homeschooling, your child may be structured or depends on you and your child’s objectives, whether they are college, school or just a good foundation of knowledge and a sharp verstand.was your concerns, you will find the help you need for you and make your homeschool experience a success.

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